DIAM: Start the Conversation – Income Protection

DIAM: Start the Conversation – Income Protection

What is a person’s number one financial asset during the working years – the ability to work!  This is a great exposure if not properly addressed and employers don’t always offer this benefit.

Agents whether group, individual, or financial advisor should be talking to their clients about protecting their ability to earn.  All it takes is a simple conversation starter to get it rolling.  Try some of these out to help you:

  • Talk to your clients about what matters to them most.
    • Money isn’t the first on the list but the lack of money would impact the picture as a whole.
  • Their income pays for their families basic needs and the fun little extras.
    • What would happen if your paycheck stopped?
  • You protect your car, home, and other things you value with insurance.
    • Think about your income in the same way.
  • If you couldn’t work because of an illness or injury, what would happen?
    • A disability would catastrophically impact a person, their family, and the ability to achieve their goals.

These Conversation Starters and How to Handle 5 Common Objections can be downloaded here.

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