‘Invisible Workforce’ of caregivers is wearing out as boomers age

‘Invisible Workforce’ of caregivers is wearing out as boomers age

Good article on the topic especially because it recognizes the sea change coming in 2030. Add to the wave of boomers turning 85 the exhaustion of Social Security and Medicare “trust funds” and you have a clear view of the coming mayhem.  The institutions are in flux and the one that is certain to be around, the children, will feel the burden emotionally, physically, and financially as their parents need care.  I implore to every agent to discuss this issue with their clients helping them position their clients into a position of managing care vs. providing care.

From the article:
“Growing numbers of Americans face the immense and often overwhelming challenge of caring for an aging parent or other loved one, a burden that will skyrocket as 76 million baby boomers move into their 80s and need help coping with dementia, cancer, heart disease or just plain frailty and old age. … Soon, Minnesota and the nation will reach a demographic crossroad. In 2030, the first wave of the baby boom generation will turn 85, an age when people are twice as likely as those even a decade younger to need help getting through the day.”  READ MORE…

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