“Let me think about it” – Handling Client Objections

“Let me think about it” – Handling Client Objections

Never let a sale walk out the door!  Am I telling you to chain a person to the chair till they sign the application – no.  But what I am saying is that many agents are not handling an objection properly and letting a potential sale walk out.

How do handle when a client says “Let me think about it?” – Post a comment below.

This objection can mean one of two things – they are not interested, or they are interested but not sure.  If they are not interested knowing this so you don’t waste your time is valuable.  If they are interested but not sure, then you are doing both your client and yourself by not addressing it.

Walking the client through the process to determine the reason for why they are not sure and addressing it while you are there, can help the sale move forward.

Victor Antonio a mentor of mine illustrates this better than I in this quick podcast, CLICK HERE.

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