“Driving Medicare Success”

Hi, I’m Ryan.


The Medicare market is a great market to get into as for the next 15 years we will have around 10,000 people turning 65 every day. There are not enough agents translating into an incredible opportunity.

Medicare sales are not daunting and with the right partner you can be up and running in no time. Our mission is to get you setup well from the beginning with the training, tools, and support you want.

Once you’re selling our goal is to keep the sales coming. Through earning continuous leads or working with one of our premier agent kiosk programs the sales can stack up quickly.

Listed Out Key Features of Program

Training & Support

>> Agents find that after going through our 8 week (1 hour/week) training program their sales success increases. We are confident in this program that once completed we provide you with a 1,000 piece mailer to help you drive sales.

>> In addition, the Agent Support line is always available to answer your questions.

CSG Quote Tool

>> Quote all your Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and PDP’s easily with our CSG Quoting tool. Spreadsheet options illustrating key decision metrics.

“Free” Leads

>> Our goal is to drive perpetual leads to you. Beyond the 1,000 piece mailer form the training program you will earn marketing credits for every sale you make. These marketing credits can be used to purchase leads which lead to more sales and so on, making success easier for you.

Oak Street Health (OSH)

>> OSH clinics host an Agent of the Day program putting you in front of clients, provide a platform to recruit, and work with you to drive business. Clinics can be found in select locations offering incredible service to their patients.

Walmart Kiosk Program

>> Every AEP Walmart allows agents to greet patrons and sign up people for Medicare. This program has been wildly successful for agents. Working with us we will try to get you in, if interested. We also cover the costs.

Senior Sales Year Round

Beyond AEP, from Dual SNP, age ins, to supplemental senior sales solutions you can increase your sales year round. You will have access to a full suite of senior products such as Final Expense, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Hospital Recovery, Long Term Care, SPIA’s, and more. We can teach you how to capitalize on these sales.

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