“Great Support – Less Work – More Success”


Partner with brokers, agents, & BGA’s to assist them in increasing success of the rollouts, add comfort to the process, and increase commissions earned.

We’ve developed an enrollment process and support structure to do just that!

3 Levels at which we work with agents

Tier 1 – Brokerage Level

  • Pre-sale marketing
  • Case evaluation
  • Access to Multi-Life Marketing Group (MLMG) Training Program
  • Sale assist via phone conference
  • New hire enrollment kit produced

Tier 2 – Marketing & Call Center Support

  • Brokerage Level +
  • Custom marketing & execution support
  • Call center support
    – Answer questions
    – Drive buy-in
    – Drive buy-ups

Tier 3 – Full Service – Enrollment

  • Marketing & Call Center Support Level +
  • Enrollment support- On-Site enrollment- Online enrollments

What We Do?

Sales & Enrollment Management

We assist agents in the sales and enrollment process. Your relationships with our expertise, marketing, and enrollment processes makes an effective partnership.


Approach training and marketing piece

Sales assistance with decision maker

Establish implementation and communication plan

Customized marketing materials


Call Center support

Multi-faceted educational campaign

Webinars and meetings

Online enrollment


All activity recorded with agent accessible CRM

New hire and re-enrollments

Post-enrollment reporting

Dedicated account management

Ongoing Administration & Support

We take on all the heavy lifting, which enables our clients to provide a high-quality benefit without investing significant time and resources.


Delivering high quality service and enrollments the way clients want, self-enrollments, online-assisted, or in-person enrollments.


Web-based education, on-demand videos, and 1-on-1 virtual consultations with salaried call center consultants.


Security focused support protecting client’s confidential information.

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